Cloud Based
IT Solutions
Chandigarh's First Cloud based
Web & Software Development Company
We're concerned about security & efficiency
Fastest Growing Software
Company Ever
Started in December 2013, we’ve successfully
executed over 200+ IT projects building
relationship with hundreds of worldwide clients
You will love our work
We've a team of really hardworking
professionals who love their work but
amazingly creative and fun loving too.!!
  • Awesome Support We're on phone, skype, email, hangout, viber, etc. You can be in touch with us all the time.
  • Powerful Servers We use cloud based LBT enabled servers located in New York to deploy your projects.
  • Worldwide Clients Our clients are located in various countries across the globe ensuring that we have flexible working hours
  • Top-Notch Designs Our team includes innovative and experienced designers to build awesome front-end UI for you

Fastest Growing Cloud Based Web & Software Development Company in India

Corouter Solutions was founded in 2013 with, and has been providing quality software services to the public ever since. It is located in Phase 8, Mohali, Industrial Area. Being a startup, Corouter Solutions employs over 30 people and does all kinds of awesome things like, desktop applications, android & ios applications, digital forensics, cloud computing, ad web development. Our team consists of young, intuitive and qualified professionals.


We are expanding our work at a very high speed and collaborating with various overseas companies for a better IT future. Besides being a service based company in Mohali, we are also engaged in Research & Development work for something out of the box initiative.


We are under phase of providing IT product services to Government of India.


06 Jul 2014

Due to fast growth, we needed larger number of employees and bigger area to accommodate them. We shifted our office to C-127, Phase 8, Sector 72, Industrial Area, Mohali.

01 Jul 2014

Started a few months ago, we are now registered under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. This brings more confidence among our clients.